Emergency Helpline

Dedicated Emergency Helpline | 24 Hours Emergency Service

You can take advantage of your Emergency Helpline as soon as you sign up for our block management services

A dedicated emergency helpline is available to all leaseholders giving out of hours access to a reliable, professionally managed, 24 Hours Emergency Service.

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Your Emergency Helpline provides a guaranteed answering service covering urgent out of hours call outs : Why risk phoning round trying to call out unknown tradesmen in the middle of the night ?

Discover more when you sign up to our managing agent services.

There is a strong demand for a professionally managed, out of hours contact facility. One  which guarantees you access to bona fide tradesman to attend emergencies at any time of the day or night.  VFM’s Helpline provides you and all of the leaseholders, residents and registered tenants at your property with your own dedicated service.

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A facility to answer all of your emergency out of hours calls during weekdays from close of business, until first thing next morning. You also receive the full benefit of twenty four hour cover throughout weekends and bank holidays whatever the time of year.

Your 24 hour emergency service provides you with an instant response for all genuine out of hours emergencies from the agreed commencement date. Helpline’s central point of contact ensures that as far as possible, preferred contractors (i.e. those suppliers or contractors who know the building) will be contacted to deal with your emergency.Fast, effective, urgent repairs can therefore be arranged through the helpline, with the costs incurred taken care of through the service charge account. Costs for works carried out which are subsequently found to be the responsibility of leaseholders will be recovered wherever possible.

All you need to do to take advantage of this dedicated service is to let us know that you wish to subscribe and authorising payment. Contact a member of your property management team today to find out more.

The scheme serves the whole of your estate, including all flats and dwellings and fees can therefore easily be transferred from your existing service charge account without any fuss.

Please be assured that the annual fee applies regardless of the number of calls you make. Your service charge account will therefore only be liable for costs incurred in effecting any repairs or works in accordance with your Agent Agreement.

In view of the clear benefits available to you, we urge leaseholders to implement the system at the earliest opportunity.

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