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Project Management | Major Works Repairs

VFM provides expert project management services for major works and repairs obtaining competitive tenders and managing works throughout

As RICS Chartered Surveyors VFM is suitably qualified and experienced to deliver projects on time and within budget meeting clients expectations.

The very nature of property and estate management means that freeholders and property management companies periodically require to carry out major works requiring essential project management services. Major works are typically defined as works of a significantly higher value than day to day repairs and are more involved, often requiring the use of professional advisors.

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As your project manager, VFM is well placed to help reduce the inherent project risks and to advise you on the need to employ specialist consultants where necessary.
At VFM we understand the fundamental principals which apply when considering a more involved project. VFM’s project management services help you avoid the many pitfalls which commercially astute contractors might seek to take advantage of.

Efficient and effective project management of larger works is an essential component of any successful contract programme. As a result of its specialist nature the role is likely to be a separate appointment to that of the managing agent. The typical agent duties described under the property management section are intended for smaller, more straightforward operations.

Balcony Works Management Whilst smaller value works and repairs form an essential part of the property management function, they carry less risk to the client in the event of problems arising. However the associated risks and liabilities can dramatically increase with the size of the works and it is important to be aware of these risks and to manage them effectively.

Every project is different and therefore presents a new set of challenges. Therefore the importance of proper planning is key. The role of the project manager has many facets including liaison with local authorities, the health and safety executive, planners and all others involved.

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Balancing the functions of time, cost and quality standards is also vital to achieving the desired results. On behalf of the management company the needs of leaseholders, residents and freeholders must be taken in to account along with the requirements of the property lease.

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The Landlord’s project manager must consider and facilitate the specific needs of residents in occupation. Duties include tendering and selecting and appointing competent and safe contractors with the necessary skills and expertise.