Private landlords

Private Landlords need specialist, tailored advice when it comes to managing blocks of flats

Many of our properties and estates are owned by private investors or their associated property companies which provide a valuable ground rent income stream. These are often high wealth individuals who recognise and want to benefit from the safe haven
offered by ground rent investments.

Along with the rewards of the income there are however responsibilities attached under the property leases. The landlord or freeholder is usually responsible for the maintenance and safe running of the estate or blocks of flats.

Our estate management and property managing agents service is comprehensive and includes buildings insurance, all aspects of repairs and maintenance, accounting and service charge collection, financial management and reporting, compliance with health and safety and of course advising on statutory requirements and constraints. As your agent we will help ensure that you receive professional advice throughout, protecting you from possible claims regarding your covenants under the lease.

Dependent on the background and expertise of you as the private landlord, we understand that each individual will have varying degrees of expertise. Indeed many have little or no desire to commit their valuable time to the property management function. For this reason we offer tailored professional managing agent services geared to the individual landlord’s needs. Importantly it is recognised that the advice that you require should have an emphasis on your particular needs taking account of your strengths and weaknesses.

Whether freehold ownership is through yourself or your company, or whether your property is a block of flats or apartments or private estate, the same principals apply.

Whatever the nature of your requirements, our services will recognise your specific needs whilst still recognising the rights of your leaseholders and residents. This requires a flexible approach in helping ensure that the leaseholders are properly and fairly treated in accordance with the lease. Failure to do so can cause problems and can give rise to claims. We therefore strongly recommend that a system of regular and effective communications is introduced with the lessees and tenants, keeping them informed of ongoing activities in respect of their leasehold interest. Contented leaseholders who are given a voice in the administration of their service charge funds can help avoid issues with late payments or resistance to planned works or maintenance.

As a private landlord you can then let us proceed with confidence, safe in the knowledge
that you are receiving the correct professional advice from an established managing agent, Regulated by RICS, corporate member of ARMA and Ombudsman Services Property.