It is unfortunate that leaseholders or residents may experience nuisance or excessive noise from neighbouring flats from time to time. Such problems can easily escalate if they are not addressed promptly, particularly if the problem is of a continuing nature. A professional from your managing agent’s lease management team can help and will step in to assist on request. We understand that approaching your neighbours can sometimes be difficult and whilst we advise that you should discuss the matter with them initially, this does not always have the desired effect.In difficult circumstances where a positive response is not forthcoming it is often advantageous to engage the help of an independent professional from your agent to check over your rights under the property lease and to ensure that the right message is delivered and properly received. An independent agent should be perceived as being better able to point out how unreasonable any behaviour is and indeed that it is a breach of the terms of the lease. An objective voice is able to present the requirements of the lease along with the need for compliance. As far as possible this removes any misconceptions that a personal approach can have, helping to reinforce any request. Our knowledge and experience in dealing effectively with leasehold complaints can help resolve matters fast.Please get in touch for further information.